About Us

First, A Bit of History

For thousands of years our ancestors had no manufactured soaps or salves that cleansed, soothed, and softened their skin. Instead, they looked to their immediate surroundings for skin care solutions. Amazingly, they found remedies at their fingertips! Whether it was by trial and error, or by some instinctual mystical leading, people the world over somehow found the plants and substances in nature that cleansed, protected, and rejuvenated their skin. Needing the same solutions, the Byccombe family began to investigate what our ancestors found. Knowing what has worked for thousands of years is what we knew we should be using ourselves.

Our ancestors found things like honey and beeswax to act as a natural antibiotic and barrier to pathogens, and they discovered olive oil and coconut oil which help protect and repair exposed injuries. Herbs also promoted healing by repelling infectious agents as well as providing the building blocks necessary for skin restoration. Also discovered was the soothing relief of goat’s milk and the softening of their complexions through this and many other similar discoveries. Countless generations of indigenous peoples over centuries past had their environment as their pharmacy, and discovered the natural substances in nature that worked to soothe, moisturize, and repair dry and injured skin.

Byccombe products are composed of those very same natural ingredients used by ancient people groups and their descendants to this day. At Byccombe, our soaps and salves are not manufactured or processed. Instead, we carefully
 combine by hand the restorative substances found in nature and make them readily available to you. Applying only natural salves and soaps to your skin and face is a good feeling, knowing you are relying on nothing man made — but instead tapping into the creative power in nature made available to us by God.  Using these products is another way people are going natural and protecting themselves and their families from the rampant chemical overexposure in our modern world


The Byccombes

Byccombe Natural Solution products are handcrafted with love at Springfield Farm… where it all began. Since 2008 the Byccombe family has farmed organically in South Texas where the scorching heat, unrelenting hot sun and regular droughts are a fact of life. To protect our skin in such a harsh environment, we began making our own soap and salves, hoping to find a way to avoid using chemical soaps and lotions that often times made a bad situation worse.


Utilizing our own goat’s milk as well as natural products made by our local farmer friends, we came up with elemental skincare products that have proven very effective and just the perfect remedy to counter that daily wear and tear our skin was experiencing in the harsh elements. In response to huge demand, and customer preferences, our product line has expanded to include pleasing and popular varieties of soap, salves, lip balms, and body scrubs that have become customer favorites.

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