Hello my name is Bruce Bosche and I would like to give a positive review of your amazing shitaki salve.. Two years ago, I was in the hospital due to the effects of a serious car crash. The car crash gave me a concussion and subsequently, I had to have brain surgery to remove the blood which had accumulated in my cranium. This produced a long, seven inch scar running from the back of my head all the way to my front forehead. I came upon your shitaki salve thru a friend. The scar had become unsightly and people stared. After using your product for less than three month, the scar has almost completely disappeared! I call it my miracle salve. Thanks for producing such a wonderful product. You have a customer for life! 

Bruce Bosche


 I wanted to thank you for this marvelous product. I had a brain tumor removed in January of last year and due to complications, spent a year in bed. Needless to say, my elbows were a mess from scooting myself up and down. My daughter saw your booth at the San Antonio farmers market. She bought the oats and honey salve for me. I am so happy with the results. My elbows are smooth and pain free. This product should be a must in every home. Thanks again.

G. Martinez


Byccombe Natural Solutions/Springfield Farm products are a huge part of the health in our home. From your amazing goat milk soaps, to your truly healing salves, we love your products in a BIG WAY - every scent is intoxicating, every product is effective! In the last 2 years, we've tried numerous brands in our quest to evolve to a 'cleaner' lifestyle, wishing to reduce our exposure to toxins and unnecessary chemicals. What a relief it's been to use your salves and soaps, and that Peace of Mind is incomparable. We have your lip balms, salves and soaps scattered throughout our home, and take them with us everywhere! The eczema that arrives with Winter, and the rosacea that arrived with the glory of aging, are healed, and so long as you produce them, we will buy and use your products with grateful hearts!

T. Watson / Atlanta, Georgia


 Byccombe Natural Solution products are a MUST HAVE! I keep a lip balm in every purse, a soap at every sink, and several salves in my office. I trust these products to be safe and healing for my skin and I trust the people who produce them. A lot of research and care goes into making each product. Byccombe Natural Solution products provide a healthy, natural glow while moisturizing. My favorite combination for instant skin healing is using a honey scrub on my face followed by the shiitake salve. Perfection! These products make great gifts as well. Many who have been on the receiving side of these gifts have become fans. Try these products for yourself. You too will notice a difference.

Tatum Evans / Wisconsin 


The goats milk soap is A M A Z I N G! Great products and service.

Tonne Herron


My daughter had a constant diaper rash that nothing store bought could cure, within one day of using the eucalyptus mint skin salve, it cleared up, will definitely be a customer again!

Joe Wells


I live in San Antonio but spend at least one week a month in west Texas where the climate is much drier. It never fails that within a couple days there, my lips and hands are cracked and so dry that they're painful. I came across Byccombe at the Pearl Farmers Market and started with the lip balm... a few months later and I use all their products! I use them at home occasionally, but when I travel they are my best friend for keeping my skin hydrated. I now have my sister hooked and am gifting to several others this Christmas! Great products with all natural ingredients!!

Michelle Burns


We've been using their lip balm and soap for several years. They are fantastic people and they make awesome products.

Jeromy Kusch


First thank you for the kindness mailing me the order.We love all your products. 
The Shitake salve has proven again & again to be excellent skin salve. Cured spots Dr. Couldn't just days.
BUT I took my dogs to board Labor Day weekend. My one came home with scrape under eye & what looked like beginning mange.
I put the salve on him. The very next day he was healing quickly. I didn't need second application.
Scrubs are better than spa. 

Margo Hall


I've been using their skin salve, bar soaps and lip balms for YEARS. Their lip balm is the only one I've ever used that isn't waxy,or make my lips feel gunky. Their scents are so fresh, and every product always leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and naturally delicious. I always use their soap on my little ones, and I highly recommend their product to people of all ages.

Anna Catherine


Oh my goodness am I glad I stumbled upon your booth while on vacation this weekend. I am in love with your shiitake skin salve! I have only used it 2 nights, but can honestly say I already see a difference. Some background on myself - I worked with one of the top prestigious cosmetic brands for years. I know a good product when I see one. I have used some of the most sought after skin care lines and would throw them all away for this salve. It's that AMAZING! I will be a regular of yours! I also love your soaps and other salves as well. I'm ordering your scrub next! Thank you for making this!

Qedrin Booth


Met them today at the Mueller Farmers Market. Not only are they a great family making great products, they also make soap with my favorite scent - Eucalyptus! Support these folks!

Thomas McGregor


I love your products as well as gifting your products. The soaps are amazing and are the only soaps we use now. The salves are awesome and I carry a tin at all times in my bag. Actually I believe we have one in almost every room of the house. Lip balms and honey scrubs are both great products as well. BUT my all time favorite is the shiitake salve - the silkiness of it on my face is so luxurious!!!! My sisters and I LOVE this so much and combined with my honey scrub regime, I have received many compliments on my clear and smooth complexion, especially when they find out I'm in my 40s! Thanks for making such amazing products. We love knowing the love and care that went into each product. and thanks for teaching us so much and choosing our honey and beeswax for y'all's amazing product line!

Thien Gretchen


The shiitake salve and the honey mint coffee body scrub are by far my favorite products for my skin!! They use all natural LOCAL ingredients so I know exactly what I am putting on my skin. (Think "Farm To Skin"). My skin has never felt better (soooo soft) nor looked better!! Thank you guys not only for the phenomenal products, but also for the love and care that I know goes into each of your products!

Casey Wagner


I love their soap! It smells amazing, leaves your skin feeling clean with no residue, and doesn't disintegrate in the shower after 2 uses! Definitely our family's new soap of choice

Paige Nicole Velazquez


I found the soap at Stryk Jersey Farm in Schulenburg. I love the soap! Lavender is my absolute favorite. I look forward to trying your other products.

Tina Cimino Wright


Their original goats milk soap is the only thing I've found that calms down and keeps my psoriasis at bay. Love it!

Christine Solis-Mendoza


I was visiting San Antonio TX last November. Found this soap at an outdoor market... 
AMAZING! Just received another order in the mail last week. Great stuff.

Robert Villanova


My mom purchased the fresh mint goat's milk soap for me, and it is FANTASTIC!!!! I don't even have to put lotion on my skin, since it makes my skin so smooth and healthy! And a bonus, it was amazing on my face and removed my waterproof makeup, something my normal face wash doesn't do.  I can't wait to buy more of their products!!!!

Analissa Cantu


These soaps and salves are amazing. We've been using them since the beginning and I can't imagine using anything else. When we're away from home, we always take them along. It's that good. Thanks, y'all!

Emily Freeman


Love their product - fresh, local, and smells so good!

Evan Driscoll


Tried the Lavender Bliss, loved it. Can't wait to try my Fresh Mint soap and Herbal Mint scrub. Haven't had anything like this since I left San Diego. Thank you.

Angela Jaramillo Velazquez


You can't get anything more natural and close to home with this family. Blessings

Becky Ottmers


2 words 1/AMAZING (caps needed to say it) 2/Buy! There's no words to describe it, you'll have to try it!

Whitney Rix Victory II


I love the soaps and the lip balm. Excellent products.

Brenda Ames


I have skin allergies and am gluten intolerant, your soaps are the absolute best for my skin care. I love your products.

Nana Drew


Absoulty love their soaps!! Help me so much with acne.

kiara Reyes Diaz


The goats milk soap is A M A Z I N G! Great products and service

Tonne Herron


Love the Lemongrass Skin Saver Salve!!!! Best ever!

Gretchen Grimes Riddle



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